Taking Care of Your Pets at Home and Away

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Hen Hotel
You have purchased some Chickens or kindly re-homed ex Battery Hens and they have provided you with lovely fresh eggs in return. But... What do you do with them when you go on holiday or a weekend away?

Your Hens can be collected by HomesHoundsHens and stay as Guests in our Hen Hotel. We have Hens ourselves which are kept in a free range run adjacent to our Hen Hotel. At the present time we have accommodation for up to 18 guest Hens. The accommodation is in two separate Hen Houses so it is possible to board Hens from two different families. Each 'family' of Hens can enjoy their own separate facilities.

We prefer not to take Roosters, but well behaved, non aggressive, reasonably quiet Roosters would be considered. We do require all Chickens to be free from infestations such as Red Mite.

We provide all bedding, food, water and grit for your Hens during their stay at our Hen Hotel. All Hens are secure and safe at night in a roosting box filled with fresh straw and are let out between 7 and 8 in the morning to enjoy the freedom of a large fox proof run during the day. There is shelter from the rain and areas for the Hens to have a dust bath on a hot day within the fox proof run.