Taking Care of Your Pets at Home and Away

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Cobbler's Dog Food
Meet Millie. She is one of our very own, very special dogs. A beautiful Jack Russell Terrier who, along with Daisy, another of our family members has recently starred in an article in the magazine 'Dogs Today'.
Millie, along with all our dogs, is fed exclusively on Cobbler's 100% Complete Dog Food. We believe it to be a fantastic product that really helps keep a spring in the step, a gleam in the eye and a gloss on the coats of all our gang. It has been specially formulated to reflect a more natural diet - that a dog might choose for itself. You can visit the Cobbler's website by clicking here.

You can also buy Cobbler's from us at £26 per 15kg sack and we are happy to deliver locally.
Photo by Tim Rose. © Dogs Today